Letter to the Editor - April 20, 2009

Dedicated citizens working for our children

To the editor:

On April 18th, concerned citizens joined forces to begin the "Walk for Boys and Girls."

Those who initiated this journey understand that Clayton County's children need a safe place for after-school enrichment. We are committed to delivering a Boys and Girls Club to our deserving children.

A big "thank you" is in order to Morrow Mayor Jim Millirons, Morrow City Councilmembers and City Manager John Llamp.

Thanks are also in order to the key volunteers: Richard Reagan, Searless Hathaway, and Mary Baker, along with Clayton County Sheriff Kem Kimbrough, Sgt. Earnest Clayborn and the officers and staff of the Sheriff's Department. Also Clayton County Police Chief Jeff Turner, Lt. Tina Daniel and the department's officers and staff, as well as the Forest Park Kiwanis Club and Dee and Sam Patel, of Boston's, and the Clayton County Rotary Club.

It is true that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. We don't have that far to go, but volunteers will be seen throughout our county working to make a Boys and Girl's Club a reality.

They will be wearing blue T-shirts that state that "Clayton County needs Boys and Girls Clubs." So, mark your calendar for Oct. 17th, because that is when we hope to walk over the finish line.

It's not too late to join this worthy cause. With your help, we can make this dream a reality. For more information, contact Richard Reagan at (770) 961-8385.


Co-chair, Clayton County

Boys and Girls Coalition