News for Thursday, April 9, 2009


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Family-owned business receives recognition

By Valerie Baldowski

A little B-12 from the G-20 - Will Durst

The excitement is palpable. G-20 Mania has swept the country like blue mold on dead fruit in the crisper bin of an abandoned refrigerator.

After 16 hours, Morrow players become 'Friends' for life

Morrow assistant football coach Mac Mikissic doesn't drive 16 hours to Winfield, Kan., during his spring break for just any football player. They must have qualities worth entrusting to the stewardship of Monty Lewis, head football coach at Friends University, the vanguard of a NAIA program in the heart of the Midwest. They must fit with the esoteric traditions of Moundbuilders.

Police identify child hit, killed by car

By Linda Looney-Bond

Seized funds to benefit furloughed prosecutors

By Joel Hall

Solicitor: Domestic violence up in down economy

By Linda Looney-Bond

Calling Government Motors - Tom Purcell

Ring. Ring.

Georgia Eye Bank honors Southern Regional

By Joel Hall

Clayton school board to meet Monday


Tax deadline approaches

By Johnny Jackson

Bulldogs Saving Season

By Zack Huffman

Pets of the Week - April 9, 2009

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College students vow to 'Take Back the Night'

By Curt Yeomans