Speedway looking for anthem singers

By Valerie Baldowski


Atlanta Motor Speedway is offering a chance for talented area residents to spend a few minutes in the spotlight, in front of an audience of thousands.

According to Matthew Simmons, marketing and promotions coordinator for the racetrack, Atlanta Motor Speedway is looking for local singers to perform the national anthem before the on-track action begins at Thursday Thunder and Friday Night Drags events through the remainder of the summer. The performances will also be used as anthem auditions for the Pep Boys Auto 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup race weekend this September.

Simmons said the talent can come from anywhere, and no particular musical style is sought.

"The AMS search for national anthem singers is open to anyone interested in applying," he said. "Of course, we would love to showcase singers from our local community, but we are willing to host singers from all around the state and beyond."

The track is advertising the opportunity online, and the welcome mat is down for musically inclined individuals looking to showcase their skills, said Atlanta Motor Speedway President Ed Clark.

"With a bevy of talent in the nearby community, we wanted to open our venue to local vocalists who need an opportunity to be heard," said Clark. "With the new national anthem page on our web site, local residents can provide us with their contact information and singing experience, and they could be the next national anthem singer at the Atlanta Motor Speedway."

The guidelines to perform are few, said Simmons.

"The only criteria for performing the anthem before our summer racing series is that the vocalists or performer have an engaging voice, to entertain our crowds," he said.

Additionally, the track will welcome demonstrations from instrumentalists and other musical acts. All entrants must complete the anthem in 90 seconds or less, said Simmons.

"Depending on the instrument, we will have to see how we can accommodate the performance, but we are certainly open to hosting instrumental performances of the anthem," he added.

For more information or to submit voice samples, call Dan Rexrode at (770) 946-3923. All audio samples must be limited to five megabytes.


On the net:

Atlanta Motor Speedway: www.atlantamotorspeedway.com/visitors/anthem