Local dancers finish second in TV battle

By Curt Yeomans


The Forest Park-based Zodiax dance team was narrowly defeated, 51 percent to 49 percent, by the West Palm Beach, Fla.-based XCL dance team in the "Wild Out Wednesdays" competition on Black Entertainment Television's (BET) "106 & Park" television show.

The Zodiax team got a disqualification scare late in the final round of the dance competition.

At stake during the event, was a $5,000 prize, and a small, glass trophy that went to XCL as the winning team. The show is filmed in New York City.

The two teams advanced to the dance-off round during, after the Philadelphia, Pa.-based Team USA was eliminated at the end of the first round.

During the first round, XCL led the voting with 36 percent of the votes cast, followed by Zodiax with 33 percent. Team USA received 31 percent.

During the dance-off, Zodiax members, who were dressed in green T-shirts that spelled out the team's name, black shorts, and green-and-white-striped socks, did splits and synchronized moves that simulated waves on a body of water.

Controversy broke out when one member of Zodiax came back on stage to dance some more, while XCL was taking its turn on stage.

During the dance-off, each team is supposed to step off the stage when the other team is taking its turn to dance.

The move led "106 & Park" host "Terrence J" to tell a member of the Zodiax dance team: "Shorty, you need to keep your team under control." The person "Terrence J" was talking to was not shown on TV. Co-host "Rocsi" then said she believed a disqualification might be in the works.

Zodiax was not disqualified, however.

Just before the winning team was announced at the end of the show, "Terrence J" said both teams apologized to each other backstage, and he gave them "props" for that.

The Zodiax dance team will perform in one more competition while it is in New York City. On Saturday, the team, including four members who did not compete on "106 & Park," will participate in the "Blaze the Stage" hip-hop and rhythm-and-blues competition on Broadway.

That competition, which is produced by one of BET's producers, will not be televised.