State Patrol tickets, arrests Clayton violators

By Linda Looney-Bond


The Georgia State Patrol conducted several road checks in Clayton County Wednesday in conjunction with Clayton County law-enforcement agencies.

"We were looking for equipment violations, impaired drivers, illegal contraband, and wanted persons," said Lt. Paul Cosper, public information officer for the Georgia State Patrol.

The road checks - all in the area of Ga. Highway 85 and Forest Parkway - were conducted during the morning and early afternoon hours Wednesday, in conjunction with the Clayton County Police Department, and the Clayton County Sheriff's office, according to Cosper.

"They've had some issues in that area with some criminal activity, and they're [Clayton County law enforcement] trying to see if they can correct the problem," said Cosper. "Violations have increased, and they're trying to make the roads safe for Clayton County."

Officers issued a number of citations and even made some arrests for violations.

"The most dominant violation was for driving on a suspended license," Cosper said.

"There were a handful of DUI arrests," he said.

Cosper said officers also made arrests for small amounts of possession of illegal, controlled substances.

"There were some equipment violations of commercial vehicles. I know of [at least] three of them that were towed because of equipment violations," Cosper said.

"All over the state, we work in concert with a lot of other agencies," he said. "Our main role is the protection of motorists on the highways and interstates in Georgia, and we do that 365 days per year."