A special time with the Lord - James C. Bell

When we built our home years ago, we planned a door out of our bedroom leading to a future screened porch. My wife and I dreamed of having this private place just a step from our master bedroom to enjoy during good weather.

We later built a deck there, and years later, I built our screened porch. I really enjoy going there to have a special time with the Lord. When we have a rainy night or evening I like to sit on the porch and thank God for the rain and praise His Holy Name. As you know, I like to write poetry, and songs praising the Lord, and I sing these to Him as I enjoy the blessings of the rain. Here is one of the songs I especially enjoy singing:

"Welcome Home."

As I leave this world behind me and go on to heaven's shore

My Jesus will be with me, close beside me evermore,

And I'll hear His sweet voice saying, welcome home friend, welcome home.

Yes I'll hear His sweet voice saying, welcome home.

Chorus -Welcome home, welcome home, welcome home friend, welcome home.

Oh how great to hear His sweet voice saying-welcome home friend, welcome home.

As I walk the streets of Heaven and meet all my loved ones there,

Father, mother, sister, brother and all my old friends will be there,

And I'll hear them sweetly saying-welcome home friend, welcome home!

We're so happy here in Heaven, all the saints are gathered by,

And we spend our time just praising Jesus Christ, the Lamb on high.

Yes we spend our time just praising Jesus Christ, the Lamb on high!

As you leave this world behind you and go on to Heaven's shore,

Do you know Jesus will be with you, close beside you evermore,

And will you hear His sweet voice saying, welcome home friend, welcome home.

We should all have special times when we praise the Lord and thank Him for being so good to us, for saving us from the Devil and Hell and giving us a home with Him in Heaven.

I like to sing to Him that sweet refrain some poet wrote: "Thank You Lord for saving my soul, thank You Lord for making me whole, thank you Lord for giving to me Your great salvation so rich and free!"

I thank Him for Jesus Christ, for His birth, His life on earth, His teachings that show us how to live, for His death on the cross to pay for our sins and His glorious resurrection! Thank You Lord for being my God, the only God there is! The God of grace and glory, the mighty God! The God of my salvation!

Listen my friend, if you are not sure you will go to Heaven when you die, please put your faith and trust in God through Jesus Christ. Accept Him today as your savior. Ask Him to forgive your sins and, thereby, establish your saving relationship with Him. Then, you can know for certain that when you die you will go to Heaven.

I pray you will.