Davis appointed to transportation subcommittee

By Valerie Baldowski


State Rep. Steve Davis (R-McDonough) has been appointed to serve on the House Transportation Subcommittee for Approval of the Director of Planning.

According to a statement from the Georgia House of Representatives, the subcommittee is charged with considering Gov. Sonny Perdue's appointment of Todd Long for the position of director of planning for the Georgia Department of Transportation, and making a recommendation to the full House Transportation Committee.

"Transportation is one of the most critical issues facing Georgia, and I am honored to be part of this very important process," Davis said. "The position of director of planning carries with it a lot of responsibility, as does the confirmation process. I look forward to hearing from Mr. Long, and his plans to create an efficient statewide transportation system."

Davis was appointed to the subcommittee by House Transportation Committee Chairman Jay Roberts (R-Ocilla).

"He has done a wonderful job, and is very knowledgeable. His diligence and insight will prove valuable during the confirmation process," said Roberts.

Davis said the role of the subcommittee members will center on getting to know Long as a candidate for the position, and learning where he stands on transportation issues. "It will be very similar to the confirmation hearings held for judges," he said.

Davis said a hearing has been scheduled for Tuesday at 9 a.m., to give him and other subcommittee members time to ask questions of Long, and learn about his goals. Davis said he hopes to learn what Long will do to help suburban areas with their transportation needs.

"One thing that's critical to Henry is how he is going to expedite projects," Davis said. "That is something critical to my constituents."

The confirmation hearing will not be project specific, but will focus on the process of introducing Long to the subcommittee members. At the conclusion of the hearing, each member will vote on whether to recommend Long's appointment as director of planning.