Citizen, employees foil Forest Park robbery

By Linda Looney-Bond


Forest Park Police arrested a man following an attempted robbery at a convenience store, after the man allegedly grabbed a bag of money from the store's owner, who had just returned from a trip to the bank.

The incident occurred Friday, outside the Corner Point convenience store, located at 228 Main St., according to Forest Park Police Major Chris Matson.

Police said Ezekiel Miguel Harpe, 28, of Atlanta, allegedly jumped out of a truck and grabbed a bag of money from the store owner, who had gone to a nearby bank to get change.

"The owner screamed for help, and a customer and two employees from a business across the street came to his aid," Matson said in a statement. "The citizens held Harpe until the police arrived," he said.

Matson said, at one point, Harpe took a can of pepper spray from his pocket and attempted to use it, but it was taken away from him.

Harpe was charged with robbery and simple assault and taken to the Clayton County Jail, Matson said.

He said the owner was able to recover the bag of money during the struggle with Harpe.

A second suspect, who drove the truck, fled the scene before police arrived, according to Matson. Police are working to identify that suspect, he said.