A facility that could make us proud

To the editor:

I am in a quandary that the Clayton Performing Arts Center building seemingly sits idle most of the year. It is only utilized by the school system.

Why is this building not open to the public for plays, concerts provided by local talent, and motivational speakers, such as Clark Howard, etc.? This beautiful theater, with excellent parking and grounds, could be an asset for the county, as well as provide entertainment for local residents.

Henry County has "The Henry Players," Fulton County has numerous theaters of this sort. My point is simple, we do not have our own, but should. We need to utilize all or our resources in this trying economy, to seek out every area of creative endeavor we can to create additional revenue for our county. And we could use local, untapped talent, many of whom would love to perform in their own city.

For now, the building appears empty. How sad. What justification do the powers-that-be have for this beautiful facility, leaving it empty, while it is begging to be filled with the artistic voices, applause and laughter of Clayton County?

Recently, Clayton County has had a lot of negative press, because of our school system. Can we not find something we can be proud of?