Local pickle company initiates recall

By Valerie Baldowski


McDonough-based pickle maker Curry & Echols is recalling a batch of one of its products.

The company is recalling its "Sweeties" Bread and Butter Pickles because some of the jars in the batch were not sealed properly, according to the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

The affected batch, number 206092 and the only one included in the recall, was only distributed in Georgia, agriculture officials said. Consumers can find the batch number on the bottom of the jar.

Curry & Echols is working with the Department of Agriculture to find the cause of the problem and correct it, said David Curry, the president of the company and Henry County's tax commissioner.

Anyone who bought a jar of the pickles involved in the recall is asked to call the company at (678) 898-3730 to obtain a full refund, or a replacement, Curry said.

As of Tuesday, the Department of Agriculture had received no consumer complaints.

"We issue these recalls in hopes of alerting Georgians to the potential danger of consuming products that have not been properly labeled, or in this case, may have been compromised in the production process," Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin said. "Our food-service professionals are looking specifically for this product to eliminate potential harm to consumers," he added.

The department is currently trying to determine where in Georgia the product was distributed, and remove it from shelves, Irvin said.

"We've been extremely proactive in trying to get these jars back," said Curry. "It was a volunteer recall on our part. We've got it narrowed down to less than 20 jars that have a seal that's not right."

Curry & Echols is a small, family-owned company, and uses a 90-year-old recipe for its pickles, Curry said. Since the company was founded less than two years ago, he said it has made almost 20,000 total products.

Curry & Echols distributes solely within Georgia, said Curry, and the products are stocked by local fruit stands and specialty shops.

The company makes every effort to follow safety and health guidelines, Curry said. He said his company took immediate action upon discovering the problem, and called the Department of Agriculture and arranged to have representatives visit the plant and inspect the pickle processing equipment.

"I want to reiterate how important safety is," Curry said. "This is the only situation that's come up like this."