Luella High gets Central Georgia EMC grant

By Jason A. Smith


Officials at Luella High School are expressing their appreciation for a $4,000 grant received Friday from the Central Georgia Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) Foundation.

According to the school's media specialist, Donna Scoggins, the money will be used to purchase a book sensitizer for the media center.

The school applied for the grant last month.

Scoggins said the previous sensitizer was not working properly, when she and her co-workers returned from their summer vacation, and needed to be replaced. Scoggins described the device as a "standard piece of equipment for the media center," and a "key part" of the security system at the school.

"When books are checked in, or checked out, the machine, either sensitizes or desensitizes the book with a magnetic strip that's in the book," she said. "If a book hasn't been properly checked out, it will set off an alarm when a student tries to walk out with the book.

"We are very appreciative of the grant," she said. "I don't know how we would have replaced [the sensitizer] otherwise."

Friday's grant is not the first one the school has received from the electric company. According to Scoggins, Central Georgia EMC provided funding earlier this year for new technology to be used in classrooms.

"Helping educational resources, like the Luella High Media Center, will have a long-lasting and forward-reaching effect on Henry County,"

said EMC Communication Specialist Rodney E. Christopher.