Deciding the truth of the ages - Bob Williams

To the editor:

I have in my possession 66 documents, written by 40 different idividuals, who vary in time, economical, educational and vocational backgrounds. Yet all 40 writers come to the same conclusion.

These documents of which I speak have been derided and mocked and scoffed at as lies, fables, myths and figments of the imagination of these writers. Yet, all of the documents have been authenticated and deemed to be true accounts of the events that they describe, by historians around the world.

This is because these 40 writers were eye witnesses to many of the events they write about.

These documents span several centuries. They have, at times, been burned by certain people, who would wish only to have them destroyed, so that their agenda could be put forth.

However, these people have failed at every turn. The documents still remain, and are read every day by individuals seeking the truth. These documents have been compiled into one, easy-to-read tome.

So here is my challenge. I challenge 40 individuals of varied backgrounds and educational levels, to write 66 documents that prove, unequivocally, that the documents of which I speak of are lies, myths and fables, and should, therefore, be discarded as such.

A science professor once told his students that we are all governed by five senses. They are seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling and hearing. He further stated that since no one had ever seen, smelled, tasted, felt or heard the One spoken of by the 40 writers of the 66 documents, that by all empirical, demonstrable evidence, this One does not exist.

To his credit, one student rose and asked the class if anyone had ever tasted the professor's brain? It got a laugh, but they soon realized what this student was getting at. He said that since no one had ever seen, smelled, tasted, felt or heard the professor's brain, then, by the same empirical, demonstrable evidence, the professor had no brain. So, why should anything the professor said be taken as truth?

It would seem to boil down to "faith." Faith is merely a belief system that we all use and operate under every day.

Now, you can believe the 40 writers and what they have written, by faith, or you can reject what they have written as being untrue. It is all up to you.

I still want 40 writers to write 66 documaents proving that my 66 documents are false.

By the way, by 66 documents in this one easy-to-read tome, are collectively called the Bible.