Jonesboro worker pistol-whipped, robbed at gunpoint

By Linda Looney-Bond


Clayton County Police are investigating an armed robbery at a Jonesboro insurance business, in which a worker was pistol-whipped Thursday.

The incident occurred around 7:15 p.m., at a business located at 6611 Tara Blvd,, according to a Clayton County police report.

Police say an employee was locking the front door of the store when two black males, who were wearing black masks and black gloves, approached her and demanded that she open the door.

The woman said the men forced her back into the store at gunpoint and told her to turn off the alarm.

"[The woman] advised that the suspects then asked where the money was," police said in the report. "[The woman] advised that she looked in several places, not showing the suspects where the money was ... when the suspects got angry and said that if she didn't give them the money, they would shoot her," the report states.

The woman then showed the suspects where the money was kept, and they took $3,596 in cash, according to police. The suspects also took $1,000 from the woman's purse, and five cell phones from a cell phone case, the report states.

Later, the woman was assaulted, according to GlenNeta Griffin, a public information officer for the police department. "He [police officer] did tell me that the suspect asked her [the employee] to remove her clothing, and when she refused, that's when the suspect hit her in the head with a gun," said Griffin.

The woman was transported to Southern Regional Medical Center for treatment of a "small contusion" on the back of her head, according to the report.

Police later contacted the owner. The owner said security cameras on the property were not recording at the time of the incident, because of a lack of storage capacity on the main security system, according to the police report.