Police: Elderly man shot at robber

By Linda Looney-Bond


Clayton County Police said an elderly man turned the tables during an alleged robbery attempt Tuesday, by pulling his own gun.

Police said the man, who's in his 70s, sells wood out of his home in the 2700 block of Lake Harbin Road in Morrow.

"There were two black males in their 20s that went to purchase wood," said Lt. Tina Daniel, a spokesperson for the Clayton County Police Department. "After they loaded wood in the vehicle, one got back in the car, and the other went to the door to pay.

"The man asked if he could wash his hands, and at some point, the homeowner turned around and there was a gun at his head, and the suspect was demanding money," Daniel said.

She said the homeowner, whose name was not immediately released, gave the suspect some money and four rifles that were in a case.

At some point, the homeowner grabbed his own .357 Magnum, Daniel said.

"He [the homeowner] shot a few rounds at the suspect. The suspect then dropped some of the money and the rifles, and fled out of the door," Daniel said. "The homeowner followed and continued shooting. There were approximately five or six rounds that were shot."

The suspect and the other man in the car fled the scene in a white, four-door sedan, Daniel said.

The pair got away with some of the money, and the wood they had already loaded into the car, she said.

"We have not been able to confirm, at this time, if either of the suspects was shot," Daniel said.