Five arrested in Ellenwood burglary cases

By Jason A. Smith


Five suspects are behind bars in Henry County, and police are searching for another man, in connection with recent burglaries in Ellenwood.

Julien Maurice Fowler, of Atlanta, and Frank Pernell Parrott, of Riverdale, both 20, and Ladarius Leon Talley, 22, of Rex, are each charged with burglary.

Fowler is also charged with obstruction, giving a false name and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

Henry County Police responded to a call Monday at 11:26 a.m., from a resident on Fair Drive in Ellenwood, according to a police report by Officer Wesley Dodgen.

"The caller said she heard an alarm sounding, and looked outside and saw two black males running toward a car," Dodgen wrote in his report. "The car was described as a white Lincoln with green trim. The complainant recognized the car as one that had just left her residence."

Dodgen added that a homeowner living nearby, W.H. Watson, said he noticed the vehicle parked in front of his home. Police then checked the exterior of the home next to Watson's, the officer wrote, and saw the kitchen window had been broken and the sliding glass doors had been opened.

"I noticed computer wires from a modem on the ground," Dodgen wrote. "It appeared these wires were attached to a computer as it was taken out of the residence. I could see the computer tower was missing from the computer desk. There was an all-in-one printer lying on the floor, broken."

According to police, items missing from the home included an iPOD, an IBM Thinkpad laptop computer and a pair of matching wristwatches. The total value of the items was approximately $1,100.

The report states that another officer stopped the suspects who were in a vehicle matching the description given, prior to Dodgen's arrival at the scene. During the traffic stop, items taken in the burglary were recovered, except for the two watches, according to Dodgen. Fowler, Parrott and Talley were then placed under arrest.

Less than three hours after the arrests, Henry Police apprehended a pair of suspects in a separate alleged break-in. Michael Demario Benson, 20, of Stockbridge, and Willie Clarence Tarplin, 21, of Ellenwood, are each charged with burglary and criminal attempt to enter an automobile.

A third suspect in the case, identified as Daniel Bradley, of Ellenwood, remains at-large.

Authorities were reportedly dispatched Monday at 2:16 p.m., to a burglary in progress on Panola Road in Ellenwood, according to a police report by Henry Police Officer Ranier Velez.

Velez wrote that another officer was involved in a foot chase with Bradley, heading toward North Scarborough Road. "A white Volvo arrived on scene attempting to pick up the suspect," Velez wrote in his report. "Two officers ... arrived on scene and advised that they had [Benson and Tarplin] in custody."

Velez wrote that after he was unable to track Bradley down, he went to the location of the alleged burglary. "While approaching the residence, I observed the front bedroom window broken inwards, with blood on the blinds," Velez wrote. "I then observed the side window of the rear bedroom broken outwards, with glass on the grass outside the window."

Velez said that he saw a 42-inch plasma television, unplugged and on the floor, and a money box and bottles of alcoholic beverages on the edge of the couch in the home.

According to police, the homeowner said he had left the home an hour before the call came in, and did not leave the items where they were found. No money was missing from the home, according to authorities.

All five suspects appeared Tuesday in Henry County Magistrate Court, represented by the Public Defender's Office. Fowler's bond was set at $35,000, and Parrott and Talley's bonds at $30,000 and $25,000, respectively.

Tarplin's bond was set at $30,000, and Benson's at $15,000. Charges against Parrott and Benson were bound over to Superior Court.