Stockbridge man sees opportunity in dirty windows

By Johnny Jackson


Kenny Howard dressed the large, plate-glass windows in a sudsy solution of glass cleaner as shoppers busily passed him by.

The 34-year-old Stockbridge resident is the owner of Howard's Window Cleaning Company, a company he started last spring to serve area businesses and homeowners.

He said he has acquired most of his roughly 50 regular clients throughout metro Atlanta through word of mouth.

One of his clients, The Shoe Dept., on Hudson Bridge Road in Stockbridge, routinely uses his services, according to Store Manager Jacquelyne Smith.

Window appeal, Smith said, is a large part of operating a successful retail store. She said the health of the storefront makes a difference in how customers perceive the store, and what it has to offer.

Smith said Howard's Window Cleaning Company has been a major, but relatively inexpensive, investment in the store's identity as an attractive place for people to shop.

"It helps because it makes everything look fresh, and clean," Smith said.

Howard said he started his window-cleaning business in April as a way to better manage his personal time.

"I had previous experience with window cleaning, and I wanted to start a business for myself," he said.

Howard has 10 years of experience with various window-cleaning companies. He now works about three days a week cleaning windows, and manages a crew of two other men.

"I got my inspiration for doing this through a company called Squeegee Squad," Howard said. Squeegee Squad is a growing window-cleaning company with franchises in Atlanta and parts of the Midwest.

Howard said he is motivated, however, by his two sons -- 6-year-old Mark, and 4-year-old Kyle.

"Having this company gives me the time to be available for them," Howard said.

Howard said that during his time as a window cleaner, he has had several interesting experiences, including cleaning dried egg and concrete from tempered windows.

"The hardest thing to clean off a window is egg," he said.

Howard said his company cleans windows for commercial and residential clients.

"We are licensed and insured," he said. "Right now, I want to focus on Stockbridge, but I'd like to see the company grow."


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Howard's Window Cleaning Company: www.howardswindowcleaning.net