Arrest made in double murder
Police seeking second suspect

By Joel Hall


Clayton County Police have arrested one of two people suspected of killing two men during a drug robbery in the parking lot of a Jonesboro apartment complex last month.

Superiore Allen, 21, has been charged in the murders of Vandit Patel, 22, of Jonesboro, and Jimmy Prak, 23, of Stockbridge. The victims were shot and killed Jan. 18 at approximately 10:47 a.m., outside of the Tara Court Apartments on Tara Boulevard. Police apprehended Allen Thursday afternoon.

Allen is facing two counts each of murder, aggravated assault, and armed robbery.

Clayton County Police spokesman Officer Tim Owens said Friday that police were still looking for the second suspect in the murders. Owens said Allen could face a 30-year prison sentence for each murder, if convicted.

"So far, he hasn't rolled on the other guy, so he will get charged for both," Owens said. "Right now, it's a minimum of 60 years if he just went down on the murders."

A black Acura, which was allegedly driven by the victims, according to police, was found near the murder scene with a stash of drugs inside. The police are not releasing what type of drugs were found or their street value, citing the ongoing investigation, Owens said.

Police Chief Jeff Turner said witnesses and nearby residents were instrumental in Allen's arrest.

"It was a drug robbery," said Turner. "The guys who were shot had drugs in the car. The people who were involved in the homicide were basically there to rob them. My detectives did an excellent job staying with this crime, because at first, we had nothing to go on. We would have definitely not been able to make any headway if it wasn't for those people who came forward with that information."

Turner said police are actively pursuing leads on the second suspect and are "confident that we will have a second arrest soon."

"The people of Clayton County are speaking loud and clear," Turner said. "Citizen involvement, as well as good police work, is starting to make a difference in Clayton County."