Last-minute shoppers look for Valentine's gifts

By Valerie Baldowski


Valentine's Day shoppers headed to the stores Friday to find that perfect last-minute gift.

And McDonough residents John and Pam Kinard were among them.

The Kinards browsed the aisles at Kroger, on Jonesboro Road in McDonough, examining the flowers, candy and gift displays Friday afternoon.

"We're going to have a wonderful day," John Kinard said.

After presenting his wife with a Valentine's gift, he said, they will have dinner at a local steakhouse.

He said Feb. 14 holds romantic meaning for him.

"Valentine's Day means I'm alive, and I've got a beautiful wife to share it with," he said.

Cynthia Parker was eyeing a bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear with the words "I love you" as a gift for her boyfriend, who lives in Covington. Parker accompanied him to Kroger, and while he was inside shopping alone, she decided to come into the store as well to pick out a gift for him. The Jacksonville, Fla., resident flew to Atlanta to pay him a visit.

"We're a new couple," said Parker. "I'm very excited. It's our first visit together here. I'm having a ball."

Valentine's Day can be enjoyable for men as well as women, Parker said.

"It's a special day for special people, and he just happens to be very special to me," she said.

Sandra Traub pushed her shopping cart toward a display of candy, flowers and stuffed animals, stopping to look at some of the items on the shelf. Each year for Valentine's Day, the 60-year-old McDonough resident buys something for her daughter and two grandchildren, 12-year-old Emily and 6-year-old Madisyn.

Her plans for Valentine's Day focus on family.

"I wake up very early in the morning, and make a little nest of surprises for Valentine's at the foot of the bed of each of the grandchildren," Traub said.

Justin Hartman of McDonough was at the store to buy a gift for his girlfriend. He was considering flowers. The couple plan on going out to dinner on Valentine's Day, followed by a shopping trip.

"It's another day of the year that you can show your love to the one you love," said Hartman.