Akinosho aspires to succeed

By Maria Jose Subiria


With a 3.78 grade-point average, and a drive to excel in academia, Abigail Oludoyin Akinosho has earned the title of STAR Student at Mundy's Mill High School.

As a STAR Student, Akinosho chose Cheri Wright, who teaches several grade levels of American literature, as the STAR Teacher for her school.

"I've had her for two years, and she's very relatable," Akinosho said. "She knew how to get people focused and she graded fairly."

While focusing on what her studies might be like after high school, Akinosho recently took dual-enrollment courses at Georgia State University.

"It was just a higher level of thinking," Akinosho said. "I was actually making Bs, and I really didn't expect that. But it was a stepping stone to see what college was actually going to be like. I could've chosen Clayton State, but Georgia State is right downtown, and you feel so independent in a place like that. You can just go anywhere and do anything."

Currently, Akinosho, 17, is dividing her time by working, interning and focusing on her high school courses.

"I work at Marshalls and I intern, for a woman who has a nonprofit organization, as an administrative assistant," Akinosho said.

She said she would like to attend the University of Georgia after high school, because of its strong career advisement program.

She said she would like to major in analytical chemistry.

"I want to be an analytical chemist, because those are the chemists that actually make drugs and study the samples of different diseases," Akinosho said. "It's something that I really like a lot, just to know I am helping people out."