Freeman dreams of winning Nobel Prize

By Maria Jose Subiria


Icons such as Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mother Teresa have won Nobel Prizes, and one student at Lovejoy High School wants to join their ranks.

Ryan Freeman, a 17-year-old senior, is recognized as this year's STAR Student at Lovejoy High.

"The best case scenario, for me, is to win the Nobel Prize in physics. That would be awesome," said Freeman. "If I work really hard, who knows?"

Math is Freeman's forte, but it was one of his teachers who made the subject more intriguing to him.

"I picked Dr. Frances Onukwuli, who taught both my Algebra II and Pre-Calculus classes, as my STAR Teacher because he instilled in me to have the drive to succeed," said Freeman. "Also, he made me able to enjoy math and reason problems, because before, it was just a class I had to take."

With a 4.17 grade-point average and a focus on being an outstanding student, Freeman was able to add football to his agenda without affecting his studies.

"My position is offensive lineman," Freeman said. "But to me, in high school, it wasn't really how much you study but how well you study, and making sure it clicks in the brain."

Freeman's college career will begin at Colgate University, a liberal arts college in Hamilton, N.Y.

"I didn't really choose it, but they chose me. They were pretty much the best school that wanted me to play football for them," Freeman said.

Though not quite sure what his major will be, Freeman says it will likely center around math.

"Colgate doesn't have an engineering program, but they have a pre-engineering program ... and I really like math and science," Freeman said.

Absorbing information seems to come naturally to him.

"It just kind of happens," Freeman said.