Pets of the Week - Feb. 26, 2009

Special photos

Mikey is a 7 year old Poodle mix. He has been neutered and all vaccinations are current. CCHS learned of Mikey when contacted by a local church who was trying to help a homeless man. The man and his 3 dogs (one of the dogs was Mikey) were seeking assistance from the church. The church had the resources to help the man, but did not have the resources to shelter his dogs. The kind man loved his dogs dearly, and knew that he needed to let them go so that they could get the care that they so desperately needed. CCHS took all 3 dogs, and the 2 younger, healthier ones were adopted out quickly. Poor Mikey, who was a little older and heartworm positive, was left behind at the shelter. Mikey has now been treated for his heartworms, and he is totally recovered from the illness. Physically, Mikey is good. Now separated from the other 2 dogs, and separated from his "person", Mikey seems to be very depressed. He was recently adopted, but quickly returned due to no fault of his own. His new guardian put Mikey in crate that had been assembled improperly, and when Mikey figured out how to escape the faulty cage, he was returned. CCHS was told that Mikey could not be loose in the person's new home. This episode seems to have only intensified Mikey's depressed condition. If you have the time and patience to help a little dog who has taken some hard knocks in the last year, please call Clayton County Humane Society at 770/471-9436. Visit www.claytoncountyhumane.org to see other animals available for adoption.

These sweet little girls are black and white domestic shorthairs, and they were born in October, 2008. Their mom was a stray who wandered under the porch of the home of CCHS supporters to deliver here babies. Once the babies were discovered, they were moved into the house until they could be weaned from their mom and turned over to CCHS. As tiny babies, these girls were handled a great deal and became very loving, friendly girls as a result of their early days with such very attentive people. Unfortunately, black and white cats are frequently overlooked by potential adopters, and Lucy and Ethel are at risk to grow up at the shelter, never again experiencing a loving home and family, such as the one they had as babies. If you would like to make a real difference in the lives of these two very sweet cats, please call Robin at 770/478-7531. It is NOT required that Lucy and Ethel be adopted together, however, they are very attached to each other and a "double adoption" would be the ideal happy ending. There is a special adoption rate in place for anyone who adopts the two of them together. Lucy and Ethel update: We recently tried to release Lucy and Ethel into the general cat population at the shelter. Our attempt failed when the larger cats got too rough with them, resulting in these two girls going back into their caged situation once again. Lucy and Ethel are literally growing up in a small cage; it is imperative that they find a permanent home soon.