Wadley sees the world in ones and zeros

By Curt Yeomans


Jeremiah Wadley doesn't understand the confusion some people experience when it comes to computers.

Wadley, 17, a senior at Riverdale High School, has been working with them since he was in elementary school. He plans to study computer science in college, and then get a job as a computer programmer, working with the ones and zeros that make up basic computer codes.

"It seems complex at first, when you look at it," Wadley said. "There are problems you have to deal with, but they [teachers] teach you how to do it with simple instructions."

At school, Wadley quickly scans through computer files, and within seconds can show people a three-dimensional computer animation of a U-shaped building he designed in his technology class. At home, he is his mother's own information technology expert, because he often has to fix her computer.

Life for Wadley, who is Riverdale's STAR Student, essentially revolves around computers.

"It plays a huge role in my life," he said. "They are basically going to be what I live off of when I grow up."

In one of his technology classes this year, Wadley is working on designing buildings, which he refers to as average "family-sized" homes. But, these houses might be better suited for a family a little larger than average.

"Two-story, three-bedroom? That's simple," Wadley said. "I'd probably add five bedrooms."

Wadley said he has narrowed his college choices down to two schools: Georgia Tech and Florida A&M.

Georgia Tech is closer, but Florida A&M has offered him a fully paid-for education, through an on-campus computer internship. He has a 3.741 grade-point average.

Wadley is a member of Riverdale's Technology Student Association, BETA Club, Anime Club and Class Council. His STAR Teacher is Steve Price, Riverdale's technology teacher, and Technology Student Association faculty advisor.