'Souper Bowl' lunch coming up

By Valerie Baldowski


The Hampton Woodmen, of World Lodge # 491, is using a football theme to reach out to the community.

The lodge will sponsor a "Souper Bowl" lunch on Jan. 11, from 11 a.m., to 2 p.m., as a community-outreach project and fund-raiser. The lunch will consist of a choice of soup, cornbread or crackers, a drink and a dessert. Donations are requested to help with renovations to the lodge, located at 1635 North Highway 3 in Hampton.

The Hampton Woodman of the World is a non-profit, fraternal organization, and is part of Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society, according to member, Connie Dodgen.

The lodge has about 500 members, and the lunch is one of several projects the members organize each year.

Dodgen says she believes volunteerism in this, and other programs, is an important part of lodge members' duties. "That's what any non-profit should be about," says Dodgen. "Volunteering is where you get to give back to the community."

The "Souper Bowl" meal has been advertised through area churches, local businesses in Hampton and by word of mouth. Organizers are expecting more than 100 people to join lodge members for the event, Dodgen says.

The lodge is also involved in other community efforts. In the past, says member, Ann Rape, members have responded to natural disasters, such as hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and worked with other lodges, nationally, to assist people in need.

"We're usually there within a couple of days," Rape says.

In addition to the footbal luncheon, lodge members are also planning to set up a booth at the annual fall festival, later this year in Hampton, as another of their projects.