Clayton health board launches new web site

By Curt Yeomans


The Clayton County Board of Health is responding to requests for more public-health information with a new web site.

After a year of development, the board is launching www.claytoncountypublichealth.org, today.

Clayton County District Health Director Alpha Fowler Bryan said the new web site will be a "valuable resource" to county residents and visitors.

"I hope that when people visit the web site they will find it user-friendly and helpful," said Bryan in a statement. "We offer a vast array of public health programs, and it is our intent that people will be able to access useful information on the many programs and services we provide."

Previously, the health board posted its information on the county government's web site. Board Spokesperson Veronda Griffin said the board had all of the space it needed to provide health information to the public, but it wanted more independence as it moved forward.

"Lots of health departments across the state have their own web sites," said Griffin. "We have been very fortunate that the county has provided us with space on its web site, but we wanted people to be able to access us at our own web site."

The site will include public health notices, hours of operation, health and dieting tips, restaurant inspection scores, information on the board's Women, Infants and Children Supplemental Nutrition Program, and career opportunities with the board.

The restaurant inspection scores and job opportunities sections are new features. Griffin said the board has received numerous requests from people who wanted to see the restaurant scores on the county's health web site.

The board oversees the inspections of more than 780 restaurants twice a year. Scores for all of the eateries will be available. The restaurant-scores section will be updated every month, because the restaurants are inspected on a rolling basis.


On the Net:

Clayton County Board of Health: http://www.claytoncountypublichealth.org/