Martin Luther King, Jr., Day

Martin Luther King, Jr., Day

The meaning of Martin Luther King, Jr., Day has expanded beyond a remembrance of a fallen civil rights leader and his fight for equality.

It has become a day for public service work in his honor.

Michelle and Barack Obama called on people throughout the country to participate in public-service projects on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, yesterday, on Monday, Jan. 19. Thousands joined the Obamas in volunteering around the country.

This national day of service has been slowly growing, and the Obamas' prominence accelerated the movement.

Allstate joined the president-elect in calling on Americans - individuals, neighborhoods, religious groups, corporations - to join in this effort. Allstate Insurance Company designated Martin Luther King, Jr., Day 2009 as Allstate Beyond February Give Back Day.

Our employees led significant volunteer efforts in Atlanta in partnership with the King Center and several prominent community organizations.

We were also active in numerous volunteerism efforts in more than a dozen cities across America.

We all should further Dr. King's vision by donating time to worthy causes in our communities throughout the year. Let's focus on the greater good, especially during these difficult economic times.

I'm proud to see our country uniting on the right path for this historic day of service, and I was grateful for the opportunity to participate yesterday, on that historic day.


Field vice president, Southeast Region

Allstate Insurance Company