Murder victims remain unidentified

By Joel Hall


The Clayton County Police Department is still trying to identify two people who were murdered Sunday morning at an apartment complex off Tara Boulevard, in Jonesboro.

Two men, believed to be in their twenties, were shot around 10:47 a.m., in the Tara Court Apartment Complex, according to police. On Monday, Lt. Rebecca Brown, a police spokesperson, said police still had not identified the race, ages, or names of the victims.

"They couldn't determine the race," said Brown. "They may be somebody [multiracial], because they couldn't tell by looking. They had no identification."

Officers found the two men dead at the scene, near building 20-24 of the apartment complex, according to police. Witnesses at the scene reported that an argument took place before gunshots were fired, and that two black males -- one tall and one short -- fled behind building 24.

Jeff Turner, Clayton County's police chief, said the police are following leads, but that more information is needed to solve the murders.

"I don't think they have identified anybody as of yet," Turner said. "When situations arise like that, especially when they are in public, we encourage the citizens and residents of the apartment complexes to alert the police. When there is an argument brewing outside, they should immediately call us."

Turner said concern on the part of citizens can often prevent an argument from "turning into a murder scene." He said the public's help will be crucial in solving the case.

"The days of us not getting involved should be a thing of the past," the police chief said. "To make the Clayton County community better, it is going to take that kind of involvement.

"We have spoken to some people, but we need more information to work with," Turner continued. "We are working on leads, but any info we can get will help us with those efforts. Even if they think they saw something and that it was minor in nature, anything they can contribute would be helpful in this case."

Anyone with any information, is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers at (404) 577-8477.