Business workshops teach tricks of trade

By Maria Jose Subiria


One of the first rules of e-mail etiquette is "never flame."

Flaming, according to Shalley Bishop, who conducted a recent Clayton County Chamber of Commerce seminar for business people, is when one person sends an e-mail in an "angry tone" to another.

No one likes getting "flamed," Bishop advised, and knowing the dos and don'ts of e-mail communications can mean the difference between closing a deal, or ending up empty-handed.

Bishop, who is assistant vice president of Clayton County, for First Bank Financial Services, also told the participants to be careful when sending e-mails with attachments.

"Make sure your attachment is a gigabyte or less," she said. "If it's more, contact the party you are e-mailing to make sure their computer is compatible.

"E-mailing is a source of communication that most businesses use," she said.

"This type of communication is fast and efficient, so it's crucial that when pressing the 'send' button, there are no mistakes, because, once it's gone, there is no turning back.

"You only have the first time to make an impression," she said, "and an e-mail should be written with the correct content to end up with the correct response."

The classroom environment during the workshop was energetic, and members had a lot of questions and suggestions that helped them clarify the e-mailing world.

"We had an excellent first workshop; we were all on target," Bishop said.

The seminar is the first of four for chamber members, created for those who want to hone their business skills. Other topics included in the series are: professional business writing; three non-negotiables of a professional, and moving beyond just the paycheck.

The workshops are "brown bag" events. The first -- on e-mail etiquette -- was held Wednesday at the Career Resource Center at 3000 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 350, in Morrow.

The dates for the other three are: March 18 (business writing); June 17 (speech, dress and attitude); and Dec. 16 (beyond 9-to-5).

Other partners in the effort include Clayton State University and the Career Resource Center, which is part of the university's Continuing Education Department.

The cost of each workshop is $15, but they are open only to Chamber members. . For more information on becoming a member, and attending a workshop, go to www.claytonchamber.org, or contact the Chamber of Commerce at (678) 610-4021.

"Our goal is to help business communities grow, and provide opportunities for owners and employees to prosper," said Crystal Black, Chamber of Commerce manager of member services.