Atlanta airport retains 'busiest' title

By Maria Jose Subiria


With 978, 084 takeoffs and landings in 2008, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport remains the nation's busiest, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. And airport officials are touting a designation by the Airports Council International as the world's busiest.

"It's an honor that Hartsfield-Jackson is recognized as the world's busiest airport again, and we will continue to work to become the world's best by exceeding our customers' expectations," said Airport General Manager Ben DeCosta.

This is the fourth consecutive year Hartsfield-Jackson has been dubbed the nation's busiest.

Though the airport retains its title, operations are off 1.3 percent from 2007, according to airport officials.

The airport, however, continues to expand.

Ten security lanes have been added to improve traffic flow inside the airport, and with a total of 32 lanes, passenger wait times are reduced.

"Completing the $26 million security program, including 10 new lanes, has resulted in most security wait times now being less than 10 minutes," said airport spokeswoman Katena Carvajales.

Last year, the airport began its "Retail Renaissance" program, which will add 70 new shops by this summer.

Airport officials say Hartsfield-Jackson serves an estimated 250,000 passengers a day.

"We listen to passengers and work to make their travel experience a great one," Carvajales said.