Dixieland Fun Park to host first annual job fair

By Joel Hall


This summer, Dixieland Fun Park will undergo a massive restructuring as it grows from a family entertainment center into a full-scale theme park. On Tuesday, the park will host its first job fair in order to hire 40 new employees.

The first annual Dixieland Fun Park Spring/Summer Job Recruitment Fair will take place Tuesday from 5 to 8 p.m. According to Nani Mathews, press relations supervisor for Dixieland Fun Park, the venue is seeking new hires to fill positions in customer service, food and hospitality, administration, maintenance, security, ride operation, custodial, sales and marketing, business management, and other areas.

"We're expanding this year, so we need more help than usual," said Mathews. "That is why we're hosting it ourselves. Currently we have about 80 employees. We're looking to hire about 40 employees. When the summer opens, we will be looking at hiring 160 employees."

Dixieland Fun Park, located at 1675 Ga. Highway 85 North, in Fayetteville - just over the Clayton-Fayette county line - has been in operation since 1990. Currently, the park offers several amusement park rides, party rooms, an arcade, and a banquet room for larger events.

According to Mathews, the park will open five new rides this summer, reorganize its campus, host a day-time entertainment show, and build an amphitheater for outdoor concert events.

"One of the things we'll need is a contractor to build these things for us," said Mathews. "We need general park employees, but we need a general contractor, we need someone to do our landscaping, and we need an arcade game technician. We're hiring so many people right now."

For more information about the job fair, call (770) 460-5862, ext. 206, or e-mail jobs@dixielandfunpark.com.