Georgia Power crews head to Kentucky

By Valerie Baldowski


Georgia Power crews were sent to Louisville, Ky., Wednesday in response to more than half a million calls for help in the wake of a winter storm that hit the area.

A total of 465 Georgia Power workers, including 25 from its "metro south" area, were dispatched. Metro south includes Henry, Clayton, south Fulton and Coweta counties.

As of early Thursday, Carol Boatwright, a Georgia Power spokeswoman, said about 762,000 customers were without power. The crews are restringing electrical lines and repairing downed lines as well as broken poles.

"When you get hundreds of thousands of customers out, and it's very, very cold, that's difficult work," said Boatwright.

Boatwright said another storm is predicted to hit the same area next week.

"They [utility crews] may have to do all of this over again," she said.

When they were sent to Kentucky, Georgia Power spokesman Jeff Wilson said crews were told to pack for two weeks.

The storm has been responsible for at least 24 deaths, according to Associated Press reports. Kentucky officials said two weather-related deaths included a woman who died because an ambulance on the way to her was blocked by impassable roads, and a woman who fell on her basement stairs while retrieving a kerosene heater.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.