School nurses help kids (and parents) breathe easier

To the editor:

All of us will probably be affected by budget cuts made in the coming weeks by our state legislators. We face a dire economic forecast with no assurances of a quick turnaround.

One cut that will impact Georgia's children for years to come is the funding of school nurses.

Ten percent of Georgia's children have asthma. At the American Lung Association, we view school nurses as an important partner for parents and physicians in the care of children with asthma.

Asthma attacks translate into missed school days, missed workdays for parents, hospitalizations -- the list goes on. We can't cure asthma, but we can reduce asthma episodes. With the help of school nurses, these children have a chance to benefit fully from their schooling.

For all these reasons and more, legislators must find the money to maintain funding for school nurses. Parents, grandparents, family and friends, please speak up for our school nurses.

JUNE DEEN Director of Advocacy American Lung Association of Georgia