The Regulars Band at Lenox Square July 4

By Jason A. Smith


A local band is gearing up for a pair of performances this week, in hopes of broadening its audience and boosting its members' careers.

The Regulars Band will perform Saturday during Fourth of July festivities at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta. In anticipation of the event, the group is scheduled to appear Friday on WAGA Fox 5's "Good Day Atlanta."

Four of the band's five members hail from either Henry County or Clayton County. Lead singer, Lee Smith, and his sister, vocalist, Lindsey Smith, are from Rex. Lead guitarist, Robbie Croy, and drummer, Matt Howard, are from McDonough and Stockbridge, respectively.

Bass guitarist, Clay Davis, lives in Conyers.

Lee Smith, 23, says band members have been working hard in recent months to reach a wider audience with their music. When they are not performing at Taco Mac in Stockbridge on the third Thursday of every month, The Regulars Band is collaborating on a new album.

The group also recently completed a video for a song titled "Regular," which is featured on the band's web site.

The band has been featured in a number of publications in the Atlanta area in recent years, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Creative Loafing, and the Henry Daily Herald. Smith says, although the group has performed on "Good Day Atlanta" in the past, Friday's event will mark a significant moment in its development.

"This will be the biggest crowd we've ever played for," says Smith. "A lot of people will be there that day for the Peachtree Road Race."

Smith says he and his bandmates will perform a mixture of cover songs and original material, during their time on stage at Lenox. Their set will include "Get Ready," by the Temptations, and "Fire," by Jimi Hendrix, as well as the band's tunes titled "Regular" and "Reviving the Funk."

According to Smith, the latter song describes part of the band's goal -- to take its listeners back to a different era of music. "We're in a world where hip-hop and pop music over-saturates the music market," he says. "The music we love is from 30 years ago and beyond. We just take what we love, and do it our way."

Smith hopes the group's "melting pot of music" will appeal to those who hear it. "We've been recording a lot, and trying to get a new album together," he says. "We're kind of a vintage funk-rock band, with some new-age twists. We have a different sound, and there's a lot of variety to our music."

Lindsey Smith, 19, is currently a sophomore at Georgia State University. She describes The Regulars Band as "good kids playing good music," and says she is looking forward to performing in Atlanta.

"We've been keeping up some pretty steady gigs, and getting our name out there," she says. "We're just really excited to be playing at Lenox. Getting any press is good. I want everything to keep going. The quicker we get where we want to go, the better."