Why should I change my lifestyle? - James C. Bell

We, Christians, are all witnesses for Jesus Christ. Our witnessing may be effective or ignored, believed or not, but make no mistake about it, we all do witness.

Sometimes, we make a direct approach to those we meet and tell them what Jesus Christ has done for us, and of His love for them.

At other times, we expect people to just look at our lifestyles and know we believe in Christ and serve Him.

Ministers work hard preparing their sermons, in order to get their message of God's love across to those who will listen. Missionaries live in communities in many fields, or parts of the world, and tell the story of Jesus Christ to people who, sometimes, have never heard of Jesus, or who know and believe in false gods.

I think many of the people in any of these situations probably ask this question: "Why should I change my lifestyle?

Even Christians may ask the same question, for they may not realize that those who know them are watching to see how they are living.

Perhaps, all Christians should take a look at their own lives to be sure they are setting the right example for others to follow.

Our Great God made man and woman-Adam and Eve, in His likeness for the purpose of having fellowship with them. Then Satan came along and caused them to sin by disobeying God, for God had told them they must not eat of one tree in the garden.

This sin against God broke their fellowship with Him, as our sin does today. This also started the great spiritual war between God and the Devil. The battlefield of this war is the earth, and man is the object being fought over.

God wants us to be blessed and be true to Him, and gives us the promise of eternal life with Him, if we believe in His Son Jesus Christ, who died for our salvation.

The Devil wants us to live in sin, disobeying God. His goal is to defeat God and Jesus Christ and to destroy man. He lies to us and leads us into sin of all kinds, if we follow His directions and yield to His temptations.

God sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world that through Him, mankind might be saved from the Devil and Hell.

If one examines his life and knows he has sin in his life, then he must repent of his sins and ask God for forgiveness in Jesus Christ's name.

This is the reason one would change his or her lifestyle, to stop living in sin and following the Devil and doing evil things. He or she should look to Jesus Christ for salvation and read and study the Holy Word of God, which is our Bible.

He or she should despise his or her old, sinful lifestyle and try to live life as Jesus taught us in the scriptures. Jesus said in John 18:37c, "Everyone on the side of truth listens to me."

A very intelligent professor at Johns Hopkins University said: "People do not change when you tell them they should; they change when they tell themselves they must."

Not until a sinner admits he has sin in his life and asks God through the blood of His son to forgive him, will he change his way of living.

The Holy Spirit of God first convicts him of his sin-causing him to realize his need for Jesus and His saving power-then he will, either change his lifestyle and live for Jesus, or he will go on following the Devil until he winds up in Hell.

If you need to change your lifestyle, I pray you will be strengthened by Jesus' words when He said: "I am the truth, the way and the life, no one comes to the Father except by me."

You and you alone can make this decision. Accept Jesus today!