Pets of the Week - July 16, 2009

Olivia may be one of the saddest stories to ever emerge from Clayton County Humane Society. Olivia was born about 7 years ago, and thus began her bleak life, which it now seems, doesn't show much promise of getting any better. Olivia began her life with a family who severely neglected her. Olivia, her mom, and sibling were all allowed to run free, near a busy street, which was also located in a bad area of the county. Her mom was eventually hit and killed by a car, and her sibling died of disease. Her human family provided her with food, and it pretty much stopped there. Olivia was never really socialized, and was frightened of everything and everybody. When her human family decided to move, they callously left poor Olivia behind. After being abandoned, Olivia continued to wait on the property.....believing that her family would return. Neighborhood teens decided that Olivia made a good "target", and they began shooting at her with a gun. CCHS aggressively went into action, and Olivia was moved to the CCHS shelter. With much time and patience, Olivia began to come around, and she slowly started to trust CCHS staff and volunteers. But the years passed, and no one ever attempted to adopt this very special dog. CCHS had given up hope that Olivia would ever be adopted, and it was just accepted that she would likely spend her entire life at the shelter. One day, quite unexpectedly, a very kind man came into CCHS and announced that he wanted to help a dog that no one else wanted. He was told Olivia's story and he immediately asked to begin the approval process so that Olivia could go home with him. Needless to say, the CCHS staff was ecstatic, and when the man's application checked out, it was truly a time of celebration. Earlier this year, after nearly 5 years of confinement, Olivia was delivered to her new home. She joined her new "dad", and another rescued dog, a rescued cat, and a rescued bird. It seemed as if all prayers for Olivia to have a good life, had been finally answered. Over the following weeks, CCHS staff made several visits to Olivia and her new home, and all seemed to be going perfectly along. Then after only 3 months in her wonderful new home, Olivia's new dad suddenly and unexpectedly, passed away. Everyone at CCHS was crushed. Not only had we lost a man who had become very dear to us, we realized that all of his animals were now homeless again. We learned that since adopting Olivia, he had rescued yet another little dog. This little dog ("Hope") had been attacked by other dogs, and Olivia's dad had vetted her and allowed her to join his happy little family of rescues. Apparently, in her short time at the home, Olivia had become very attached to little Hope. Upon learning of the death, CCHS offered to take all of the animals into our care. Family and concerned neighbors were struggling to find homes for all of the animals, and we were told that given some time, they hoped to place them, possibly several of them together. Sadly, we got the call that all of the animals had been placed.....except for poor Olivia. We were asked to come and bring her back to the CCHS shelter. In a flash, Olivia had lost her new home, her new dad, and all of the animals that she had come to love. Olivia is now back at the CCHS shelter, and our hearts break for her every single day. She is sad and confused. Olivia has a sweet, loving personality. She deserves so much more than what life has offered to her. Olivia is fully vetted and sterilized. Please look deep into your heart, and if you can offer Olivia a loving home and a sense of security, please call Robin at 770/478-7531. Visit www.claytoncountyhumane.org to see other animals available for adoption.