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Officers sue county for promotions, lost pay Fallout from Victor Hill settlement continues

Eleven Clayton County police officers have filed a federal lawsuit claiming a 2007 settlement between the county and fired sheriff's deputies unfairly denied them the opportunity to be promoted.

Recreation center to honor grandparents

Clayton County grandparents are invited to enjoy a day of ice-cream, swimming, and games, along with arts-and-crafts activities, during a celebration of grandparents at the Jim Huie Recreation Center this Saturday.

Sotomayor deserves Supeme Court confirmation - Maria José Subiria

As a Latina, I will be honored, and extremely proud, if Sonia Sotomayor is confirmed as a justice on the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Francoeur returns to Atlanta with Mets


The beauty of beauty queens - Rhonda Rich

Hidden somewhere in the newspaper one day -- a tiny news blurb used to fill a hole -- was the story of a teenage Louisiana beauty queen whose crown had been repossessed by pageant officials after her brush with the law.

Europe on my mind - Curt Yeomans

So, at the end of today, "I'm leav-ing, on a jet-plane," as John Denver used to sing, and heading far away from the Southern Crescent for a two-week vacation.

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