Eight injured in Riverdale deck collapse

Eight people were injured during a weekend cookout, authorities said, when a deck collapsed at a Riverdale home.

An 11-month-old child, two 16-year-old females and five adults were injured in the incident, which occurred Sunday just after 4:30 p.m., on Rock Shoals Way, according to Battalion Chief Landry Merkison of the Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services Department.

"They were grilling on the deck, and when the deck collapsed, the grill and the hot grease came in on top of them," Merkison said.

He said the eight people fell eight to 10 feet.

The 11-month-old received a minor burn and a minor cut, according to Merkison.

Of the two female teens, "one had minor burns, and the other had significant burns," Merkison said.

The adults had "varying degrees of burns and complaints of different leg pain and back pain," he said.

Six of the injured were transported to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. Two were transported to Southern Regional Medical Center in Riverdale, Merkison said.

None of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening, according to Merkison.

"It appears to just be an unfortunate accident," he said.

- Linda Looney-Bond