Stately Oaks hosts living history event Saturday

By Linda Looney-Bond


Stately Oaks Plantation will host the "Living History Picnic on the Lawn" event Saturday.

The festivities will take place from 10 a.m., until 4 p.m., at Stately Oaks, 100 Carriage Lane, in Jonesboro, according to Devi McDaniel, co-chairperson of Living History for Stately Oaks.

"It's free of charge, but everyone has to bring their own lunch," said McDaniel. "They bring their own supplies, and just come picnic with us," she said.

"We're teaching people the history of the 1800's and how they did picnics. People would be reading, normally; they would sit on the lawn during the picnics and read," McDaniel said.

"And a picnic then was an all-day event. They would be doing hand-sewing of any kind. A lot of time they would be doing painting," she said.

"For the kids .. .there's a stick game they play with hoops, and they're rolling it with a stick, or they might play with clay marbles. And there were lawn games, like Blind Man's Bluff, so the kids can come and play some of these games," she said.

Those who attend are encouraged to dress in costumes similar to 1800's attire, she said.

Participant Martha Wilson will demonstrate clothing from the era, by teaching others how to sew aprons. "I teach people sewing and the costuming, of what people actually wore during that period of time," said Wilson, who is also co-chairperson of Living History for Stately Oaks.

"They had different kinds of aprons for different purposes. Sometimes, they had aprons that were made out of silk, and they were very fancy, but that was if you were sitting around doing needle work, and talking with your friends.

"If you were going out to milk a cow, cooking over an open fire, or if you were gong to make candles or make pickled pigs feet, they [aprons] would have been made out of cotton, or linen, or wool, or a combination of those fibers," she said.

"A lot of skills that people had then, we don't have anymore, because we don't have to do it anymore. It's very interesting to learn these things, and you feel very self-sufficient when you learn it," she said.

"It's just another vehicle for having a good time, and learning something about our past."

For more information about the event, visit www.statelyoaks@historicaljonesboro.org, or call (770) 473-0197.