Lampl steps aside as Morrow city manager
Will focus on economic development

By Joel Hall


John Lampl, who has served as the city manager of Morrow for nearly 11 years, has stepped aside to take on the role of economic development director for the city.

Jeff Eady, the city's public works director for 20 years, has assumed the role of city manager.

The City of Morrow made the announcement Thursday. While serving as city manager, Lampl has headed the city's economic development in an unofficial capacity. Lampl said working in his new position will allow him to focus on the city's numerous development projects, such as Olde Town Morrow, the Morrow Conference Center and the redevelopment of the Mount Zion commercial corridor.

"When you look at what we have done as a collective team, Morrow isn't sleepy anymore," Lampl said. "There is a lot going on and it was getting difficult to keep track of it. It was necessary to break up the responsibilities."

Lampl said his duties will include carrying out the objectives of the Morrow Housing Authority, Urban Redevelopment Authority, and Downtown Development Authority. The annual salary of the economic development director will be approximately $114,000 - about the same salary as the city manager, he said.

Eady, a 26-year employee of Morrow, said the staffing changes officially went into effect July 17. He said the economic development department will work alongside the city manager's office as a separate division.

"John [Lampl] is not my subordinate in any way," Eady said. "Economic development is a totally separate entity and we will work hand-in-hand to make sure all of our projects are completed on time, just as if John was sitting in the city manager's seat. His office is still going to be in city hall. That is great, because he has a wealth of knowledge that I will be tapping into daily.

"John really has a passion for economic development and that is the route he chose to take," Eady said.

At this time, the city is scheduled to finish construction on its Convention Center and Olde Town Morrow projects by the end of October. Lampl said his serving as economic development director will help those projects become a reality.

"Here, we are truly making a decision to pursue economic development," Lampl said. "The City of Morrow just put its best teams in the right spots. Very seldom do you have the opportunity to do that. Our citizens have asked for great things ... now is the time to maximize that opportunity."