Fit Camp promotes less 'stressful' exercise

By Jason A. Smith


Local physical-fitness trainer Ronald Williams says his Fit Camp offers area residents a "different way of exercising."

Snap Fitness 24-7, at 1005 Brentwood Parkway in Stockbridge, is currently offering the program for people ages 14 and older. Fit Camp kicked off in April, and is held each Saturday from 7 to 8 a.m.

Williams, who developed the camp, says one of the reasons he did so was to provide a less demanding way for people to get in shape.

"We've seen several boot camps that are more strenuous and stressful," says Williams. "Some people don't like boot camps because they are more hard-core and more advanced. The benefit of this is, you're less likely to get injured and you can learn a different variety of exercises without being in a gym or using free weights."

The Fit Camp, he says, incorporates elements of plyometrics, or using one's own body weight as a training tool. The camp also includes the use of resistance bands, hula hoops and folding chairs, according to Williams.

"We do seated dips, leg lifts and incline push-ups with the chairs," he says. "We also use the chairs as weights."

The camp's popularity, according to Williams, has grown since the first time it was offered in 2008. According to him, four people signed up for the initial session in 2008, compared to as many as 25 participants this year.

"People who come for the first time really enjoy it, and bring somebody with them the next time," says Williams. "That's why we've grown so big.

The sessions range from 45 minutes, to an hour and 15 minutes. The cost to take part in the camp is $12 per person, per session.

Williams says campers also earn a free weekend at Snap Fitness when they sign up for Fit Camp. For more details, call (770) 474-0511.