Woman apprehended in armed robbery case

By Jason A. Smith


A Clayton County woman is in the Henry County Jail without bond, after authorities said she "conspired" with two others to rob a friend.

Deborah Unique Sandridge, 21, of Forest Park, is charged with armed robbery, and making false statements to police. Henry Police obtained a warrant for Sandridge's arrest Monday, and she was apprehended the same day.

The robbery reportedly took place on July 6, at approximately 4:30 p.m., at 110 Windhaven Court, in Stockbridge. The victim is a man who lives at the residence, according to a Henry County Police report.

The victim said he picked up Sandridge, who he knew only as "Debbie," on the day in question at the Waldorf Creek Apartments complex in Forest Park, according to the police report. "He stated he knew Debbie for 2-3 weeks," the report said. "When he arrived at Debbie's apartment to pick her up, a black male ... was also at the apartment."

The name given to authorities for the male was "Ben."

Sandridge appeared for a hearing Tuesday in Magistrate Court. During the hearing, Henry Police Detective Wayne Bender said Sandridge's son, and another woman, named, Shay, were at the residence when the victim arrived with the suspect. However, no further information was given for Ben or Shay.

Detective Bender told the court a confidential informant provided police with additional details about the robbery. Bender said the informant told police on the day of the incident, Sandridge and Shay went into Sandridge's bedroom, and "conspired" to rob the victim.

"They talked about actually robbing [him] later at his residence, when Sandridge went there later in the day with him," said Bender. "Eventually, Ben, Shay and Sandridge's juvenile son left in Shay's 2000 maroon-colored Toyota, and [the victim] and Sandridge left in his vehicle toward Henry County."

Bender said shortly after Sandridge and the victim arrived at the Stockbridge home, Sandridge complained of a stomach ache and the victim went upstairs to get her some medication. "When [the victim] got downstairs, Ben pointed a gun to his head ... and demanded the money he had on him."

No description of the gun was given in court. Bender said the victim gave Ben $140 from his wallet, and Ben took a $200 bracelet from the man's arm. "He then threatened to shoot the victim, because he wasn't getting the bracelet off his wrist quick enough," said Bender.

Ben reportedly left the location, and the victim stayed in the bathroom of the apartment for approximately 20 minutes. When the victim came out of the bathroom, the report said, Ben and Sandridge were both gone. Bender acknowledged the victim did not see Sandridge leave with Ben, after the alleged robbery. Sandridge is being represented by Amanda Batchelor, of the Henry County Public Defender's Office. During the hearing, Batchelor questioned Bender regarding a statement from Sandridge indicating that she had been taken home prior to the robbery, and, therefore, was not present in the apartment at the time of the robbery.

Bender, however, said police have been unable to verify the claim.

Authorities have been unable to locate Shay, or to identify Ben. The detective said Shay's name was given to police by Sandridge while she was being questioned about the case after her arrest.

"With the help of Forest Park [authorities], we were able to identify [Shay]," said Bender.

Henry Police have not apprehended Shay, but a car in her driveway Monday matches a description given to police investigating the case, Bender said.

After evidence had been presented from both sides in the case, Judge Robert Godwin bound over the charges against Sandridge to Superior Court. Her bond will be set at a later date, by a Superior Court judge.