Confessions of a new technology junky - Linda Looney-Bond

I'm so excited. I've discovered a goldmine of free ringtones for my cell phone, and I'm already hooked.

Sometimes, it's the little things that make us smile. I've downloaded at least 15 tones that have given me several "Calgon take me away" moments. Probably only "old school" folks can identify with that commercial. LOL.

At a time when life is full of so many pressures, a simple TV show tune can remind me of a simpler time, when my biggest concern was whether my sister, Valerie, would let me read her new "Right On!" magazine.

Quick, can you tell me from which TV show theme, these lyrics derive? "This is it, this is it. This is life, the one you get, so go and have a ball. This is it, this is it, straight ahead, and rest assured, you can't be sure at all."

If you're older than 35, and I'm not saying I am, but if you are, you know the rest of that song, and you won't be able to get it out of your head for the rest of the day. If you guessed, "One Day at A Time," congratulations on naming that tune!

How about one of the other tunes I came across? See if you can name this tune: "Da Daah, Da Daah, Da Daah Da Da Daah, Daah Daah, Daah Daah Da Da Daaah." I'll bet that made you smile. Visions of big hair, shoulder pads, and champagne glasses probably came to mind. If you guessed the TV show "Dallas," you win the '80s trivia question of the day.

And there are so many other tunes that I've downloaded - the themes from "Alice," "The Facts of Life," "Little House on the Prarie," and "Cheers," to name a few. I can have a new ring tone everyday, if I like. The list is endless.

I also added some more recent tunes, such as Michael Jackson's "They Don't Really Care About Us." I still can't believe he's gone. Until he passed, I had never paid attention to that song. Now, I can't get the picture of the King of Pop, dancing during rehearsals at the Staples Center, out of my head.

I once heard someone say that life is not about waiting for the storm to be over. It's about learning to dance in the rain. True words of wisdom. I guess simple pleasures, such as a tune that provides a moment to daydream, can help us keep dancing.

But free ringtones aren't the only recent technology discovery that has me jumping for joy. I recently replaced the old laptop that I bought, used, from a Craigslist ad, with a new one that's lickity-split fast. The old one was so slow, I barely even checked my e-mail on it.

I bought the new one recently for just $300. Brand new! Can you believe it? Who ever heard of such a thing? Several years ago, I bought a used laptop for $750. It died on me in about two years' time. That's why I decided to buy the other used one from Craigslist about two years ago for $150. At one point, the spring in the screen broke, and I had to prop up the computer with a book, so the screen wouldn't fall flat. It was really cumbersome.

But, this new one -- Wow! It's so fast that I've begun to explore Facebook, which is a whole new world for me. In some cases, a whole new can of worms. I'm hooked on that now, too. My dilemma, however, is, do I really want to go back 20 years in time, and rekindle old acquaintances?

But, then, you get a "friend request" from someone who has discovered that you are on Facebook - someone you haven't laid eyes on in decades, and you can't help but take a moment to catch up on all the lost time. So, all within the last few weeks, I've gotten hooked on free ringtones, been blessed with a really fast computer that can stand up on its own, and I can't go one day without checking my e-mail and Facebook page. What did we ever do without cell phones and computers?

I do remember when it cost a dime to make a phone call at a pay phone. Today, many pay phones have been removed, or simply have an "Out of Order " sign posted on them. I also remember a time when I had to bang out a quick news story -- in my radio days -- on a typewriter.

There was something simple and sweet about those days. But, I guess there's no turning back now.

Linda Looney-Bond covers crime and courts for the Clayton News Daily. She can be reached via e-mail at lbond@news-daily.com.