Letters to the Editor - June 3, 2009

We need better priorities

To the editor:

It never ceases to amaze me where people's priorities are now.

I saw families interviewed in Ohio where the DHL had closed its operations in a small, country town. The family interviewed -- husband and wife -- both lost their livelihood with DHL and were worried about how to feed their family.

One little girl, 10 years old, said they had only enough food for one meal a day. The father was in tears during the interview, worried because the bills were ongoing. The families saw the end coming, losing everything they had worked for.

In the May 19th edition of the Atlanta newspaper, it stated that a federal grant of $63.9 million was to be given to the State of Georgia to be used in the treatment and care of people living with HIV/AIDS, and that $1.79 billion was to be given nationally. We are talking about a disease that is VERY preventable, with the exception of people having blood transfusions.

What a shame, all this money being given to help people who did not help themselves. Then there are those who have lost their livelihood through no fault of their own. I'm not talking about just those employees of DHL, but families here in our own neighborhood. We have people in Clayton County wanting to be served a meal a day through the "Meals on Wheels Program," but can't, because of the lack of funding.

Think how many deserving people could benefit from $63.9 million. Oh, if we would only get our priorities in order.


Lake City