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Grady drops bid for Southern Regional October 6, 2015

News for Wednesday, June 17, 2009


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Twice the fun: Double coupon days

Last week, I mentioned that pairing dollar coupons with dollar sales at the grocery store is one of my favorite ways to get items for free. Another easy way? Double-coupon days.

Obituaries - June 17, 2009

Carolyn S. Smith

National Archives opens new civil rights exhibit

The National Archives at Atlanta on Tuesday opened its "Documented Rights" exhibit, which chronicles the civil rights struggles of several minority groups.

Expo will promote eco-friendly products

By Valerie Baldowski

Garland Raiford is FAA's technical operations manager

By Maria Jose Subiria

If you earn it, can you keep it? - Martha Randolph Carr

The most fun about having a pragmatic Democrat, like Obama, in the White House is the amount of angst that arises from trying to please everyone.

Two indicted in Riverdale teen's death

By Linda Looney-Bond

Riverdale house hit in drive-by shooting

By Linda Looney-Bond

CSU economic center gets $25,000 grant

By Curt Yeomans

D.C. Prius Minivan - Will Durst

One of the biggest joys of the open road is its pure democracy. Bentleys and Pintos idling side by side at the same red light. Limos, BMWs, Fords and those little enh cars that look like they've been squashed between two big-rigs, all subject to the same speed traps, congestion and potholes big enough to swallow locomotive engines. Valet attendants who can be reliably counted on to scrounge around gloveboxes for loose change while burning an eighth of an inch of rubber off of high-end Pirellis and cheap Chinese retreads with total egalitarianism.

Volunteers make donation to Southern Regional

Through bake sales, smoothie sales, donations and various fund-raisers this past year, the Southern Regional Medical Center Auxiliary has raised nearly a half-million dollars.