School registration to begin Monday

By Curt Yeomans


Clayton County parents who need to enroll their children in the county's school system for the 2009-2010 school year will be able to do so for the next month, beginning next week, at the school system's Family Resource Center.

Registration at the Family Resource Center, which is in the school system's Morrow Annex, located at 2260 Old Rex Morrow Road, in Morrow, begins Monday. It will continue until July 24. The Annex is open Monday through Thursday, from 8 a.m., to 5 p.m., each day. It will be closed the week of July 6, however, when all school system offices will be closed in observance of the Fourth of July.

Family Resource Center Coordinator Ken Sanders said the school system is starting student registration this month to give parents and guardians a long period of time to make sure children are ready to begin learning on the first day of school.

The 2009-2010 school year begins on Aug. 10.

"We want all of our students enrolled before the school year begins, so they can be in a classroom and learning on the first day of school," Sanders said. "They [parents and guardians] can come to one place and have it all finished before school starts. They will have the bus route information, and lunch paperwork will be filled out already and their children will be ready to go."

After July 24, parents and guardians will have to go the school their child, or children, will be attending. District Spokesman Charles White said people who wait until that point to register their children may have to go to several schools if they have children attending different schools.

"This [the Family Resource Center] is a one-stop shop," White said. "If they wait, they would have to go to each of their children's schools to enroll them."

Two years ago, a rush of parents seeking to register their children for school resulted in long lines, and waits of several hours, at the Family Resource Center on the first day of the 2007-2008 school year.

As a result of that experience, the school system now requires parents to go to the individual schools to register their children on the first day of school.

Sanders said the longer parents and guardians wait to register their children for school, the more likely it will be that they will have to wait in a line.

"Avoid the rush, avoid the wait," Sanders said. "Come on down and register now, and avoid the inconvenience."

In order to register children for the upcoming school year, parents or guardians are required to provide officials at the Morrow Annex with 10 documents, most of which pertain to the child's identity, health, academic performance and residency.

The required documents are the child's: Original birth certificate, with his or her parents' names listed; Social Security card; immunization records; eye, ear and dental records; grade placement or withdrawal form from his or her previous school, and discipline record, according to Sanders. White said there is a Social Security card waiver parents can get from the school system's web site, if it is needed.

In addition, parents or guardians are required to provide two proofs of residency that are dated from some point within the last two months, Sanders said. He said acceptable forms of proof-of-residency include the parent or guardian's mortgage statement, rental or lease agreement, electric or gas bill, water bill, property tax bill, sanitation bill, or a utility connection or deposit receipt.


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