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Loyalty programs yield big pay days

While it's exciting to cut your grocery bill significantly with coupons, there are great ways to save on non-food items, too, especially personal-care and cleaning products. Many national drugstore chains offer what the retail industry refers to as "loyalty programs" that often feature special deals on items in these categories. These store loyalty programs include coupons for store credit that shoppers receive when they purchase one or more of the promoted products.

Man shot at Jonesboro apartment complex

Clayton County Police said a man was shot Tuesday afternoon at the Tara Court Apartments in Jonesboro.

It's time for Social Security Choice - Bill Steigerwald

I've hated Social Security since 1964, when I made $547 that summer as a rookie stock boy in the warehouse of a Pittsburgh restaurant chain. That's when the federal government first started swiping a portion of my paycheck, under the pretense that it would put the money aside for my retirement years.

Free HIV/AIDS exams offered Saturday

By Linda Looney-Bond

Clayton County schools seek 1,000 volunteers

By Curt Yeomans

Martha's Big Adventure -- Jumping out of a perfectly good plane - Martha Randolph Carr

Great economic upheavals can lead to strange new ways of thinking. Lose a job or a home and other things on the list of "never going to happen" suddenly start to seem like possibilities.

Middle school enters video contest

By Curt Yeomans

Youth center to host video-production camp

By Joel Hall

Twofer Linguistics - Denese Rodgers

I am fascinated by how our language grows and morphs, and how some words change meanings and others disappear altogether.

Airport security pay-lanes close

By Maria Jose Subiria

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