Remembering Uncle Bunk

To the editor:

I went to the most amazing funeral on Friday (June 5). It was for Bunk Turner, Adam She's uncle, and now a part of my extended family.

I met Bunk only three times, but he was memorable. A giant of a man with an even bigger personality, he was married to Adam's small and lovely aunt, Theresa, a powerful woman herself, the head of her family, an immigrant from Taiwan. It was a blessed and cross-cultural union.

Several hundred people came to his funeral at the First Baptist Church of Jonesboro. It is a big Southern church in an old Southern town - closely associated with Margaret Mitchell's novel "Gone with the Wind." The pastor stayed home from a planned trip to Israel to preside at Bunk's funeral.

The sanctuary was full of laughter, tears, praise, love and God, as speakers gave amazing tributes and testimonies to the Lord and to Bunk. The best speaker of all was Bunk himself. He spoke on video for 14 minutes.

A charismatic man, he moved us like a mighty force, like a child, like a son of God. Bunk became a born-again Christian less than a year ago at the age of 71. Both he and the pastor described Bunk's experience when he surrendered his life to Christ. As he repeated the words of salvation, Bunk saw a white light move through the pastor.

At that moment, Bunk was dying of terminal cancer. At that moment, he was healed. The doctors found no answer for his remission and called it a miracle. Bunk had other health problems, but his final six months were spent in joyful and compelling testimony. His last earthly goal was to win one soul for Christ. That one soul spoke at the funeral.

The truth is, Uncle Bunk's legacy is enormous. Through him, far more than one soul will be saved. I will never forget Uncle Bunk.


Peachtree City