Riverdale man charged in assault on deputy

By Linda Looney-Bond


Authorities have arrested a Riverdale man who allegedly assaulted a Clayton County sheriff's deputy Monday, then fled the scene.

Antonio Ladson was arrested Wednesday morning at his home, on Valley Dale Drive in Riverdale, according to Clayton County Sheriff's Office Spokeswoman Sgt. Sonja Sanchez.

"The deputy from the special victims unit was going out to serve a warrant that he had on that individual in reference to a TPO [temporary protective order] that was active," Sanchez said.

"The respondent, Antonio, was at the petitioner's house," said Sanchez. "He was going to be arrested for violation of the TPO and because he had a child support warrant out on him, and that's when the altercation ensued," she said.

Sanchez said Ladson "must have had some type of sharp object," and that during the altercation, the deputy suffered a minor abrasion to one of his arms and one of his uniform pockets was cut. She said some of the pocket's contents were punctured.

"When the guy got away he [the deputy] realized that his uniform pocket was cut. It did not penetrate his vest," Sanchez said. "I can't say that his ballistic vest prevented him from injury, because we don't know how that tear in his pocket took place."

Ladson was transported to the Clayton County Jail and charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, obstruction, aggravated stalking, and violation of probation, according to Sanchez.