Hartsfield-Jackson launches YouTube channel

By Maria Jose Subiria


Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is now on YouTube.

The airport's office of public affairs launched Hartsfield-Jackson's very own YouTube channel late last year with a series of videos, including a piece titled, "Sculpture of Zimbabwe at Hartsfield-Jackson."

The video features percussive music and a series of video sequences showing sculptures on display at the airport.

"Our goal is to get the airport's story out there, and to provide viewers with some of the things they might not see at the airport," said Hartsfield-Jackson's Capital Improvement Project Public Relations Manager Al Snedeker. "It's very feature-y sort of stuff."

The target audiences for the videos are business travelers and other passengers, young people and airport stakeholders.

"I am sort of the de facto YouTube guy, and I've done most of the videos," said Snedeker. "Anything that we take pictures of, or make a story of, we can make a video for it," he said.

The most recent piece is about the airport's Retail Renaissance 2009 project, which will bring a total of 70 new stores and restaurants to the airport, in an effort to offer passengers a broader array of shopping and dining choices. The project is slated to wrap up some time this summer.

Most of the videos already posted are under 2 minutes long, and Snedeker says the projects don't require expensive equipment.

"I do editing on my computer with Microsoft Windows Movie Maker using pretty good tools and having good results," Snedeker said. "We have our office city-owned 12 megapixel camera that has video capability, and so far we are having a lot of success."

The time it takes to produce each video varies depending on its content.

According to Snedeker, the video "Cargo Giant Visits Hartsfield-Jackson" was a challenge that required extra editing time.

"It was a bit more involved in the number of edits and scene changes," said Snedeker. "I spent a lot of time filming, and about three hours in the editing room."

On another occasion, Snedeker used a series of still photographs to produce a video showing the progress of construction on the Consolidated Rent-A-Car facility. The video is titled "Hartsfield-Jackson CONRAC Construction 2008."

Each video posted to the YouTube channel shows how many times the piece has been viewed, and Snedeker is able to track and analyze a variety of data about the hits using a device on the site.

"It's called YouTube Insight, and it tracks down how many people are viewing your channel, an individual video, how they're finding the video and even what countries have been viewing it," Snedeker said.

"I'd like it to be embraced by passengers, for them to have the best airport experience when they travel to Hartsfield-Jackson," he said.


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