News for Tuesday, March 10, 2009


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Georgians owed $39 million in IRS refunds

By Johnny Jackson

Collaboration brings opera to Spivey Hall

By Joel Hall

Man charged with murder in bar fight

By Jason A. Smith

Clayton history highlighted at bookstore event

By Joel Hall

This tiger is not dead - Mike Reagan

There's an old adage that explains that one does not shoot arrows at dead tigers. If there is a fusillade of arrows flying in the direction of a tiger you can be sure of two things: the beast is very much alive and is seen as a dangerous threat to the people manning the bows.

Standing in the hallway - Martha Randolph Carr

There's an old cliché that whenever one door closes, another one opens, but an appropriate addendum would be, standing in the hallway is hell.

Sheriff's deputies get new badges, trousers, patches

By Linda Looney-Bond

BOE drawing attendance lines for new school

By Curt Yeomans

Watching the 'Watchmen' - Joel Hall

When I was a kid, I used to think about how cool it would be to have super powers.

Free-school-lunch changes up for public review

By Curt Yeomans