If God didn't do it -- who did? - Jim Bell

There are some people today who say they don't believe in God.

They especially don't believe that God created "The heavens and the earth," as the Holy Bible says in Genesis 1:1.

I would ask, how did these people get so smart, so intelligent that they know more than God Himself, and the evidence of the Bible, which is an accurate account of the universe and of all life, including man.

The history of world civilization is paralleled in the Bible and substantiates other written and oral accounts. If one would just look at nature, and observe all the beauty and the order of Earth events, the sun and moon, the tides of the oceans, the sky and stars -- how can we question how all this came into being, and not believe the statements of the Bible?

Genesis 1:1 is a summary statement, introducing the six days of creation activity. The truth of this majestic verse was joyfully affirmed by the poet in Psalms 102:25 and the Prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 40:21.

Please read these chapters, for they are great accounts of reasonable hope and belief in God, who is the Supreme Being and Creator of all. The last verse of Isaiah 40 says, "Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar like the eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."

There are scientists who say the world and all life simply happened; that our universe is the result of two stars or suns that collided, and one burst into fragments which formed our earth and the other planets in our solar system. They call it the "Big bang" theory.

I have heard a story of an auto parts store exploding, and when the smoke and dust settled, behold, there was a brand new Cadillac! They explain life as beginning when, somehow, a single life cell came to earth and found an environment it could live in and mutate into different forms of life.

They cannot prove this, of course, because it didn't happen this way! I'm sure they have other ideas someone has dreamed of, and they want us to believe.

I have had some to declare that they are atheists or agnostics. They say they don't believe in God or the creation story. This is their response to my sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

I tell them God loves them and wants to have a relationship with them, but they say "no," they want no part of God. I feel sorry for them, for the great loss they must be experiencing without faith or hope in God.

Of course, they not only will miss all the love and blessings of God in this life, but when they die, they will forever be punished in Hell because of their unbelief.

I firmly believe the Bible is true and is the Word of God. We can rely on its teachings and be confident of the Lord's promise to redeem those who repent of their sins and live an obedient life.

I believe the Lord created all, and I praise His Holy Name for who He is and what He has done. I sincerely hope you are a believer, too. And if not, that you will soon believe and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior.

I pray you will!